Become A Good Works Venture

Venture Acceleration Program

At Good Works Houston, we firmly believe that driving significant, large-scale impact in the community takes time and the support of an entire community. This is why we have established a unique program designed to provide 100% customized support to impact ventures: our Venture Acceleration Program. The program is designed as a multi-year program without a specific duration, to ensure we support our portfolio ventures as they grow and evolve.

The core of our program is the Impact Advisory Board – a small, hand-picked group of senior leaders that meet at least quarterly with the venture’s founders to:

  • Create a daring growth plan based on innovative solutions that aims at significantly impacting at least 10,000 Houstonians in need to attain a life of quality
  • Identify specific issues, bottlenecks and opportunities the venture is facing – and brainstorm solutions and come up with ways to address them
  • Act as the impact venture’s advocates to draw on resources from the Good Works Houston impact community, including mentors, volunteers, service providers, etc.
  • Prepare and help the impact venture to attract funding – in its various forms (impact capital, grants, donations, etc.)
  • Establish and track progress with impact and financial metrics.

The program is by invitation only. Invited ventures will normally have participated in at least one of our Labs. Currently there are four Impact Ventures participating in the Venture Acceleration Program – you can read details about them below:

FAST FORWARD ANALYTICS uses neurocognitive based analytics to connect marginalized workers with the right job and employers with the right workers.

Founders: Greg Hambrick and Gerri Hanten
Website: to be launched

NEXTBILLION.ORG connects people with disabilities to industry leaders sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

Founders: Bijan Mawji and Siddhant Mehta

IEDUCATEUSA engages motivated college students as mentors for elementary students in under performing schools to strengthen their math and science capabilities.

Founder: Dr. Roopa Gir

ONE JUMP connects underserved high school students to transformational opportunities nationwide.

Founders: Shiroy Aspandria and Raj Salhotra