Our Ventures

icon_mobility Upward Mobility

FAST FORWARD ANALYTICS uses neurocognitive based analytics to connect marginalized workers with the right job and employers with the right workers.

Founders: Greg Hambrick and Gerri Hanten
Website: to be launched

FUNDGRO helps students fund their college education through a crowdfunding platform.

Founders: Mohammed Almani
Website: fundgro.com

ONE JUMP connects underserved high school students to transformational opportunities nationwide.

Founders: Shiroy Aspandria and Raj Salhotra
Website: onejump.org

IEDUCATEUSA engages motivated college students as mentors for elementary students in under performing schools to strengthen their math and science capabilities.

Founder: Dr. Roopa Gir
Website: ieducateusa.org

THE COMMUNITY CLOTH empowers refugee women to gain economic self sufficiency through their means of hand-crafted artisan clothing and accessories.

Founder: Roxanne Paiva
Website: thecommunitycloth.org

NEXTBILLION.ORG connects people with disabilities to industry leaders sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

Founders: Bijan Mawji and Siddhant Mehta
Website: nextbillion.org

HOUSTON IN MOTION assists the migrant community achieve self sufficiency through private sector partnerships.

Founders: Yan Digilov and Yehuda Sharim
Website: houstoninmotion.org

EDUCINEMA brings awareness to our communities on the challenges and triumphs in education through powerful, entertaining motion pictures.

Founders: Ben Bhatti and David Esfeh
Website: edu-cinema.com


DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP SUMMIT delivers education on safe, savvy and ethical use of social media and technology use.

Founder: Marialice Curran
Website: digcitsummit.com

HOUSTON NEEDS A SWIMMING HOLE is a large, centrally-located, beautifully designed swimming hole that will help transform Houston into a friendlier place to live and visit.

Founders: Jeff Kaplan and Evan O’Neil
Website: houstonneedsaswimminghole.com

GROUPRAISE offers fundraising dining experiences that increases economic viability for small owned restaurants and engages communities on impactful causes.

Founders: Devin Baptiste, Paul Kwiatkoski, and Kevin Valdez
Website: groupraise.com

THE SURVIVOR GAMES helps youth cancer patients beat the odds by providing them purpose and meaning through gaming and social electronic connectivity.

Founders: Vladimir Garcia, Steven Gonzalez, and Eddie Gonzalez-Novoa
Website: thesurvivorgames.com

icon_sustainability Environment

FARM DIRT solves the food waste issue with an actively aerated compost solution redirecting landfill waste to soil re-distributed back to our communities.

Founders: Jeff Hilson and Danny Wilson
Website: farmdirtcompost.com

GO•CAN Spurring action, sparking connection, and inspiring innovation to reduce, reuse, recycle, and reinvest waste.

Founder: Todd Litton
Website: to be launched

SIMPLIFY SOLAR delivers solar to residential homes by partnering with electric utilities on renewable energy alternatives.

Founders: Sohail Hassan, Roy Joseph, and Sathvik Vasam
Website: simplifysolar.com

SPACE CITY FARMS is a vertical urban farm growing leafy greens and herbs with aeroponic technology preserving natural resources.

Founders: Gary Maltz and Wayne Maltz
Website: spacecityfarms.com