Houston Investment Innovation Summit

Good Works Houston is a proud sponsor of the annual Houston Investment Innovation Summit. Below you can find our agenda and highlights from the 2016 event.

Please stay tuned for the 2017 date announcement, coming soon!

October 14, 2016

Welcome and Introductions:

Dr. Ann DeRosa: Fortune Favoring the Bold: Investing Our Selves and Our Resources for Change
Kimberly Johnston, Founder of Good Works Houston
Juliana Garaizar, Managing Director of Houston Angel Network
MATCH creators recognition: Adam Adams, Emily Todd

System 1: Transforming Entrepreneurship

Village Capital: Peer-Reviewed Entrepreneurship Solving Real-World Problems
Brittney Riley, Marilyn Waite, Hannah Lewis: Short Film

Village Capital Energy Entrepreneurs

Autonomous Tractor Corporation
Blackburn Energy
Elegus Techonolgies
Energy Intelligence

Morning Keynote: System 2: Transforming Family Financial Resources

The Impact: Families Embracing Impact Investing for Local and Global Solutions
Elizabeth Carlock Phillips and Josh Cohen, Co-Founders

Village Capital Energy Entrepreneurs

Idle Smart
Optimus Technologies
Shifted Energy
Xstream Trucking

Dr. Ann DeRosa: System 3: NEW Systems for Institutional Asset and Private Wealth Management

Morning Keynote Fireside Chat: Green is the New Black: The Alpha and Omega of Investing for System Change

Dr. Ann DeRosa; Tom Haslett, TILT; Eve Ellis, The Parity Fund; Herbert Moore, Wise Banyan

Fireside Chat With Tabreez Verjee and Michael Skelly

Clean Line Energy and Uprising: Seeking Alpha, Solving for the Planet and the Self

Afternoon Keynote Panel: The Portfolio as an Engine for Vibrant Community Investing, Innovating and Collaborating for Access and Agency

Ann DeRosa, Moderator:
Kevin Doyle Jones, Bryce Butler, Lewis Hower, Kimberly Johnston

The New Society Portfolio: Founding Members and Managers Share the How, Now and Future of Investing for Sustainable System Change

Dr. Ann DeRosa, Moderator:
Patrick Mullen, Jeramy Lund, Jacob Haar, Michael Hokenson, Joan Trant, Lewis Hower

Sustainable Texas: Houston as a National Nexus for Impact and System Transformation

Dr. Ann DeRosa and Kimberly Johnston Moderators: Anne Robertson, Adrian Horotan; Mary McNamara, Emily Morris, John Phan

Sustainable Texas: Houston as a National Nexus for Impact and System Transformation

Dr. Ann DeRosa and Kimberly Johnston Moderators:
Christian Vanizette, Suzi Sosa, Alex Rozenfled, Leah Pederson Thomas, Juliana Garaizar

Solving for Energy/Transforming Big AG: Sustainable Agriculture Leading the Way

Dr. Ann DeRosa, Moderator:
Tom Haslett, Russ Conser, Mark Kahn, Sarah Bellos

Dr. Ann DeRosa and Kimberly Johnston: My Impact! What System Am I In? How is it Changing? What is My Part?