The First 2 Steps To Keep Your Social Business From Becoming A Failing Startup

The First 2 Steps To Keep Your Social Business From Becoming A Failing Startup

Do you want to become an entrepreneur?
Are you strong enough to face impossible situations?
Welcome to the world of challenges and opportunities!
Being an entrepreneur means stepping out of your comfort zone and facing minor and major challenges. Two of the most difficult barriers you will face are lack of time and money. By managing these predictable, yet preventable issues that can affect your growth and development, you can keep your business from becoming one of the many failing startups.

Not Enough Time:

I often hear the lament “If I only had more time…”. People with new, great ideas are always complaining that they have no time! Having no time is a myth. The real issue is how you spend your time. Spending it on social media, shopping and on Netflix soaks up most of our time without realizing it. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook timeline, read a book, blog, or plan for your next venture. By applying willpower and focusing on spending the precious time you have wisely on productive activities, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Not Enough Money:

Starting a new business on a limited budget is tough. As a new business owner, obtaining funds for hiring, marketing materials, growth, and other expenses will be one of the biggest challenges you will face. Spending too much cash will not only make your business successful, but it could put you in debt and get you into trouble. You need to know how to manage your resources wisely. If you don’t have a fancy office, you could start from your dorm. Instead of hiring a team of professionals to set up your business, you as a business owner will wear multiple hats and do many things by yourself at the beginning. From my perspective, starting a business with little money could be the power that pushes you forward to make your business profitable.

As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to confront challenges and overcome these barriers. You are the only person who is able to face your challenges and find a solution that is suitable for you and your company.

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