Good Works Houston


We are at the tipping point of an unimaginable free capital market where businesses, investors, foundations, and governments are uniting to support new markets of social innovation. A time where entrepreneurship is being driven by the urgency to solve real problems jeopardizing the sustainability of humanity.

Our social and environmental problems are rapidly outpacing the current and traditional solutions provided by our governments, businesses, and charities.

Governments are faced with massive fiscal health threats, program cuts, and political polarization.

Publicly traded corporations, by law, are designed to maximize the profits for their shareholders. Consequently, corporate sustainability and outreach programs are limited. Privately held businesses and sole proprietorships are faced with increased regulation, distributive emerging markets, cyber threats and other pressures constraining their community giving.

Charities, including houses of worship, are left carrying the burden of filling in the gaps. They are unable to address the root causes of our social and environmental problems due to lack of resources and the complexities of the issues.

Extraordinary philanthropists and leaders are creating and driving new markets of social innovation and conscious capitalism. At the core of this emergence are social entrepreneurs who have the compassion of Mother Teresa, innovation of Elon Musk, and courage of Martin Luther King.

Millennials are a major contributing factor to this transformational thinking about entrepreneurship.  They are purpose-driven consumers who demand a new model of business caring for one another and our world.

The social entrepreneurs have a fierce desire to make powerful and meaningful impact serving humanity.  They envision an economic market where the most challenging problems facing our world are solved by the convergence of profitability and generosity.  They know market-based solutions can be executed serving the greater good in spite of the barriers and constrains of our current system.

Good Works Houston has been created to accelerate the growth of a vibrant social impact community supporting purpose-driven ventures delivering triple bottom line impact: planet, people, profits. We welcome you to join our movement to leave a better world for our children and future generations. 




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