Strategic Alliances

Good Works Houston has strategic alliances with global institutes to accelerate the growth of impact ventures tackling social and environmental challenges.

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Good Works Houston Lab

Good Works Houston applied for Houston to join 14 cities around the world to be part of the 2016 Unreasonable Institute connecting and developing impact ventures tackling our world’s most pressing problems.  We researched and decided to join forces with Unreasonable Institute due to its impressive track record:

  • 300+ ventures in 50 countries benefiting 8 million lives
  • $73 million raised by ventures
  • 91%+ of their ventures operating successfully
  • 543 funders; 220 partners; 264 mentors

Unreasonable Institute selected Houston as the site for a Business Model Validation Lab for several reasons. First and foremost, Houston is the nation’s fastest growing metro area. Our city also has a vastly diversified economy anchored by the Port of Houston—the largest urban port by volume in the United States.

Additionally, the Texas Medical center, in Houston, is the largest medical complex in the nation. Houston is also home to University of Houston, a Tier-1 school, and Rice University, often affectionately referred to as the Harvard of the South.

But Houston has more than metro areas and medical centers; it’s also home to twenty-four Fortune 500 companies. And this city offers an increasingly diverse selection of skilled workers. Nearly 25% of adults have achieved a university degree, a percentage higher than the national average.

So what’s the problem? Well, in Houston, there are social and environmental problems facing our communities, with no clear economic solution.

Houston, we have a problem.

If we can send a man to the moon, we can certainly develop a major social innovation hub in Houston.

Unreasonable Lab Map

Good Works Houston received 60 applications from four countries to participate in the Business Model Validation Lab.  We selected 16 impact ventures tackling Houston’s most pressing challenges to represent our first cohort of Good Works Houston.


Good Works Houston held an Impact Investment Summit in October 2016 attracting internationally recognized experts to Houston bringing awareness to our community on the global emerging market of social innovation, impact investing, and the new era of conscientious capitalism.

The Village Capital Energy Cohort of 2016 presented at the Good Works Houston Investment Summit as well as other major cities, Dallas, Los Angeles and Detroit.

Good Works Houston continues to foster strategic alliances with premier global institutes…MakeSense, Village Capital, and Unreasonable Institute to accelerate tackling global social challenges existing and rising in our Houston local communities.